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What is a Hologram?
Holography is the Nobel award-winning science of recording the light waves emitted from a laser as they are reflected off of an object. The recorded image is called a hologram (coming from Greek words meaning ‘whole image’ or ‘entire recording’). When re-illuminated and viewed under ordinary light, the hologram presents a true three dimensional recreation of the original object. For the observer, the perception of depth is virtually indistinguishable from reality.

Are Pictures That Switch From One Image To Another Holograms?
The the answer to this question leads to one of the most common misunderstandings about holograms. Although MANY OF THE HIGH QUALITY HOLOGRAMS WE OFFER ON THIS SITE ARE TWO-CHANNEL REAL HOLOGRAMS), most products you see that change from one thing to another are not holograms. The great majority of double-image pictures are created using ‘lenticular’ optic technology, not holography. Lenticular images have a ridged plastic surface and as a result are relatively thick. Further, lenticular images are full color and holograms in full color are very rare and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per piece. Lenticular trick your eyes by using lenses to shift the light from one image to another, holography TRICKS LIGHT to act in a manner that causes any viewer (even a camera lens) to see the image as if it were really there!

Are the Large Moving Images (such as Tu-Pac or even the old Princess Lea from Star Wars) really Holograms?
NO - THEY ARE NOT. Images such as these are mainly created using a technique by the name of Pepper's Ghost. These effects work well in films and also on stage at a distance where you cannot see that there actually IS a film or mirror and there is no actual 3D image, it only appears that it is because of the effects of film. Real holograms are spectacular compared with these pseudo 3d images. Can Holograms be Reduced or Enlarged?
True 3D model type holograms cannot be enlarged or reduced, as they maintain an exact one-to-one ratio with the artwork used to create them.

What are Security Holograms, and Why Are They Secure?
Security holograms are used to prevent counterfeiting, or to otherwise authenticate the products to which they are affixed. Holograms are noteworthy in this regard, since they are both costly to produce and extremely difficult to duplicate. Further, the addition of covert security devices, sequential numbering, tamper evident adhesives and other security features make a well-produced security hologram virtually impossible to duplicate without by anyone other than its creator. The most commonly recognized form of security holograms can be found on Master Card and Visa credit cards.

In What Ways Are Holograms Typically Used?
Besides the wide range of products listed on our HoloBrands website, holograms are frequently used as embellishments on printed media such as magazine covers, paperback books, brochures, direct mail pieces, and pocket folders. Other interesting options include CD covers, school yearbooks, and product packaging. Some interesting examples and case studies can be viewed from our list of clients.

What Are the Minimum Quantities Required For Custom Holograms?
Though there are no absolute minimum volumes for custom holography, the rule of thumb is that projects whose hologram budget is under $5,000 are more cost effective if stock image holograms are used (see HoloBrands).

Is There More Than One Type of Hologram?
For security, advertising, promotion and packaging holograms are almost exclusively the photopolymer or embossed type. Embossed holograms are the silvery, rainbow colored images found on Visa and Master Card, where photopolymer type have a green/gold hue and are most commonly associated with swim goggles and cell phone screen protectors. While more visually exciting, photopolymer holograms are more expensive and less versatile (in application) than embossed type holograms of the same size.

Are There “Full-Color” Holograms?
Full color holography is possible using mixed laser light, but is still extremely time consuming and expensive so the cost of true color holograms are very high compared with other mass produced methods. Most embossed type holograms are created as a “rainbow,” so that each holographic element in an image will shift through the entire visible spectrum as the image is moved. Using the latest technology, we now have the ability to color tune holograms. Under ideal viewing conditions and at one particular angle, a color tuned hologram will closely replay the colors in the original scene (check out the Shakespeare, Blooming Rose, and Flowers images).

Hologram Place is the Online Factory Outlet for HoloBrands®?
HoloBrands is the world’s largest selection of stock image holograms developed specifically for advertising and promotional use. HoloBrands delivers its holograms on a wide-array of high quality promotional products, and offers product customization through the incorporation of logos, ad copy, slogans or line art. HoloBrands Stock Image holograms have all the impact of fully custom holography, without the high set-up costs and lengthy turn-around times. All HoloBrands holograms and most of our products are made entirely in the USA.
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