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NUTS & BOLTS Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type

NUTS & BOLTS Hologram Picture, 3D Embossed Type

$ 30.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT
EXTREMELY COOL and REALISTIC 3D HOLOGRAM image of a pile of NUTS & BOLTS. 6" square hologram (set into an 8" X 10" black standard matte size) was created from a random pile of nuts and bolts. As the image (or viewer) moves up and down, the nuts and bolts shift through a range of colors from deep red to yellow - green and dark blue. Place under a halogen spotlight, single LED or other point source to view, at the right angle the image looks just like a real pile of nuts and bolts! If you have any interest in holograms or nuts and bolts, this is a must-have for a great price!
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